Dangerous Placards are for mixed loads where the transport vehcile contains non-bulk packages with two or more categories of hazardous materials that require different placards. Remember the only time a Dangerous Placard can be used is when the Hazardous Material which is transported is from TABEL 2.

If you transport 2,205 pounds of aggregatede gross weight or more of one category at one loading facility, the placard specified in table 2 must be used.

For example- if the transport vehcile contains 1,009 pounds of 4.1 a Flammable Solid and 1,200 pounds of 5.1 Oxidizer and 3,000 pounds of a 3 Flammable. The Dangerous Placard can be used for the class 4.1 and 5.1 but the Flammable Placard also has to be displayed.

The reason a Dangerous Placard can be used is both 4.1 and 5.1 are from TABLE 2, since neither hazardous class was over 2,205 pounds and loaded at one loading facility.

The Dangerous Placard cannot be used if the products that are transported are from table 1. If a table 1 product was transport with the above example, the placard for the table 1 must be displayed.