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Entries for January, 2011

Hazardous Material Placards – Radioactive

If the shipper/carrier transports a RADIOACTIVE material in a motor vehicle used to transport a package of highway route control quantity Class 7, there must be a Radioactive warning placard placed on a square background. There are certain background requirements for Radioactive material. The color is a black outlined square. The square background must consist […]

Hazmat Placards – Nurse Tanks

The Federal DOT Hazmat Regulations and Safety Regulations apply to Nurse Tanks transported by Farmers. All Nurse Tanks must be marked and placarded as required in Part 172. In the CFR code in reference to Placards, nurse tanks have a special provision when transported on the Highway. A Nurse tank is exempt from placards on […]

Hazardous Material Placards / PIH

Each transport vehicle that contains a poisonous material subject to the PIH or Poison Inhalation Hazard must be placarded with the Poison Inhalation Hazard placard. The best way to identify a Poison Inhalation Hazard placard is by looking at the upper point of the placard. It shall have a skull and cross bone symbol. The placard […]

DOT Placards – Prohibited and Permissive

No person may display a placard on a freight container unless the material which is transported is a Hazardous Material and the placards must represent the hazard of the hazard material being transported. Also, no person shall display any sign such as drive safely or any advertisement in the shape, color or content of a placard. Placards may be […]