The Federal DOT Hazmat Regulations and Safety Regulations apply to Nurse Tanks transported by Farmers. All Nurse Tanks must be marked and placarded as required in Part 172.

In the CFR code in reference to Placards, nurse tanks have a special provision when transported on the Highway. A Nurse tank is exempt from placards on an end of the tank if there are valves, fittings, regulators or gauges which prevent the placards or markings from being properly placed and visible.

Nurse Tank Requirements:

1.  Maximum of 3000 gallon capacity.

2. Painted white or aluminum.

3. Loaded to filling density no more than 56%.

4. SECURELY mounted on the Farm Wagon.

5. Hazmat papers not required.

6. Placards on all 4 sides, except as stated earlier. The ID number 1005 is displayed on the Class 2 placard.

These are just a few requirements relating to Nurse Tanks.

Remember that Placards and Markings are required on Nurse Tanks.

This is what the placard should look like,