If the shipper/carrier transports a RADIOACTIVE material in a motor vehicle used to transport a package of highway route control quantity Class 7, there must be a Radioactive warning placard placed on a square background.

There are certain background requirements for Radioactive material. The color is a black outlined square. The square background must consist of a white square measuring 14 1/4 inches on each side surrounded by a black border extending to 15 1/4 inches on each side.

Placards are only required on any quantity of a Radioactive Yellow lll label only. This would be a table 1 requirement.

Radioactive placard also required for exclusive use shipments of low specific activity material and surface contaminated objects transported in accordance with 173.427(b)(4).

In addition to complying with 172.519 the background color on the RADIOACTIVE placard must be white in the lower portion with a yellow triangle in the upper portion The base of the triangle must be 1.1 inches + – , 0.2 inches above the placard horizontal center line. The symbol text, class number and inner border must be black.