Hazmat Classess offered by consulting companies offer a variety of HAZWOPER  training and continue to provide instruction on a personal level. There are many online courses available,

24 Hour Hazardous Materials Technician
8 hour First Responder Operations level
8 Hour Annual HAZWOPER Refresher
Hazard Communication

The 40 hour HAZWOPER is the more popular class  available.

The 40-hour course is designed for persons engaged in hazardous substance
removal or other associated activities such as equipment operators, general
laborers and supervisors. It will qualify you for almost any situation invloving
Hazardaous Materials. It is MANDATORY for persons before they begin work at an
uncontrolled hazardous waste site.

24 hour Hazardous Materiasl Technician is designed to satisfy OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.120
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard 24-hour training
requirement for personnel engaged in emergency response activities.

The course provides a balanced mixture of classroom-based instruction and
hands-on drills that challenge and stimulate the student. The primary objective
of the course is to enable site personnel to respond in an offensive manner to
mitigate hazardous materials releases while protecting themselves and other
potentially affected parties. Effective response can limit or prevent losses due
to injury, property damage, downtime, or releases to the environment.

The 8 hour First Responder Operations level course is designed for persons who are likely to witness or discover
a hazardous substance release. It will equip them to perform their role as First
Responders at the Awareness Level by notifying proper authorities and activating
the organization’s Emergency Response Plan. This course will also train persons
who may respond to a release in a limited role (i.e., contain the release, keep
it from spreading, and prevent exposures). This training will exceed the
requirements for OSHA’s First Responder, Awareness Level and comply with the 29
CFR 1910.120 requirements for First Responder, Operations Level.

The 8-hour refresher course is designed to keep persons current in HAZWOPER
procedures and techniques. It also meets OSHA’s requirement for an annual update
(29 CFR 1910.120). It reinforces and builds upon the material covered in the
original HAZWOPER training.

When you select a Haz Mat Consulting company to assist you with your training, make sure that they meet all your needs for online and class room training.