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Haz Mat Classes

Hazmat Classess offered by consulting companies offer a variety of HAZWOPER  training and continue to provide instruction on a personal level. There are many online courses available, 40 Hour HAZWOPER 24 Hour Hazardous Materials Technician 8 hour First Responder Operations level 8 Hour Annual HAZWOPER Refresher Hazard Communication The 40 hour HAZWOPER is the more […]

Online Campus Programs

Do you occasionally work with or are you in contact with hazardous wastes? Does your work area have hazardous waste materials? Does your job require a Hazwoper Occasional Site Worker Certificate? Who should take a online class? If you answered yes to any one of the questions here, you should look at an online hazmat course […]

Online hazmat training

   Hazmat online courses were programed for easy access to content and technology friendly. Online training allows the company to provide the up to date information with quizzes and interactive exercises. Many online courses provide material on Hazardous Waste Operations(Hazwoper), Hazwoper Refreshers, DOT Hazmat, Hazardous Waste Generator, Industrial and Construction Safety and Emergency Response.  Online […]


Online OSHA training provides you with easy access to safety education solutions for all Construction and General Industry workers. In cooperation with the American Safety Council. If you require certification to get on to a job site, want to advance your career or want to keep you and your employees safe, online training is right […]

DOT Placards – Prohibited and Permissive

No person may display a placard on a freight container unless the material which is transported is a Hazardous Material and the placards must represent the hazard of the hazard material being transported. Also, no person shall display any sign such as drive safely or any advertisement in the shape, color or content of a placard. Placards may be […]

Hazmat Placards

Each person or shipper who offers a motor carrier a Hazardous Material for transportation by Highway SHALL provide the required placards to the motor carrier.  The placards must be offered at the same time or prior to the transportation of the Hazardous Material. However the placards do not have to be offered by the shipper if […]

Bulk package definition

Bulk package means a packaging in which the hazardous materials are loaded which has, 1. A maximum capacity greater than 119 gallons as a receptacle for a liquid. 2. A maximum net mass greater than 882 pounds and a maximum capacity greater than 119 gallon as a receptacle for a solid. 3. A water capacity […]

Placards not required for Table 2 non-bulk

 Defintion of a Non-bulk package: 1 .A maximum capacity of 119 gallons or less as a receptacle for a liquid. 2. A mazimum net  mass of 882 pounds or less and a maximum capacity of 119 gallons or less as a receptacle fo a solid. 3. A water capacity of 1000 pounds or less as a […]

Dangerous Placards

  Dangerous Placards are for mixed loads where the transport vehcile contains non-bulk packages with two or more categories of hazardous materials that require different placards. Remember the only time a Dangerous Placard can be used is when the Hazardous Material which is transported is from TABEL 2. If you transport 2,205 pounds of aggregatede gross […]

DOT placards

While driving down the Interstate or State Highway System, have you ever thought to yourself, what do those four digit numbers on the placards actual mean on the side of a cargo tank? The four digit number on a placard identifies the hazardous material which is transported in that vehicle. Each number is associated with […]